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Our excellent range of products has been appreciated all over the world on the virtue of unmatchable quality and superb designs.


Discover a wide selection of Jharokha Handicrafts, Jharokha Woodcarving, Gemstone, Jharokha Marble Article, Silver Article Meenakari & Oxidize with unique artworks design directly from Jharokha Art and Handicraft.


India, the country, where culture echoes, traditions speak and diversity delights is a land of magnificent monuments and where Taj Mahal, is only one of the historical wonders.

Art and Crafts are entirely human creations, they need human excellence, passion and love to be brought forth. Art and Craft vary in their quality and nature. The arts and crafts movement took shape in late 19th and early 20th century. The people who started this movement were William Morris and Edwin Lutyens. Some forms of Arts and Crafts were practiced since ancient days while some other are modern innovations.

As formal there is no fix defined or general definition of art, since defining the boundaries of "art" is subjective, but the impetus for art is often called a human creativity as it is considered as the human hand made. Art is that which is made with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind and spirit. A craft can be a confusing word. As when you use it there is a strong possibility that the other person is thinking about something quite different to you. One person imagines handmade one-off pieces while another thinks of stenciled furniture and stamps. And it doesn’t get any easier when you get beyond the word craft to a specific discipline such as glass or textiles, as again everyone will imagine something different. Arts and crafts comprise a whole host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one's own hands and skill. Some crafts have been practiced for centuries, while others are modern inventions, or popularizations of crafts which were originally practiced in a very small geographic area.

Traditionally Rajasthan Handicraft used to come in a range of styles but they were mostly on the simple side as they were used by individuals on daily basis. Usually the term is applied to traditional means of making goods. The individual artisanship of the items is a paramount criterion; such items often have cultural and/or religious significance. Items made by mass production or machines are not handicrafts. Handicraft process creates such wonderful and vibrant designs that make the most artistic artifacts. When it comes to handicraft materials, supplies and products, India is most certainly considered to be a treasure trove as it possesses some of the most exquisite handicrafts available.

The present day handicraft tradition of India is a perfect example of assimilation between the traditional designs and modern techniques. The fast growing demand for Indian handicraft and gifts products have made this sector a full-fledged large scale organized industry that is growing day by day.


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